10 Highest Paid Celebrities in the World 
Mon, April 19, 2021

10 Highest Paid Celebrities in the World 

Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, Kanye West among others are part of this year's highest-paid celebrities in the World. / Photo credit by buzzfuss via 123rf



Forbes has posted it’s World’s Highest Paid Celebrities list, and singer-songwriter and superstar Taylor Swift has ascended to the top with total earnings of $185 million. Read on to see the other celebrities joining her at the top. 

Taylor Swift, 29, Musician, $185 million

At the cushy tippy-top, musician Taylor Swift is now currently earning $185 million. According to Variety, a weekly entertainment publication, Swift taking the top spot isn’t at all surprising if you look at her activities in the past year. In 2018, Swift really cashed in on her “Reputation” tour. It was the highest-grossing tour in US history and racked in a total of $266.1 million. At the time, Swift was also getting into a new deal with Republic, which only added to her earnings. 

Kylie Jenner, 22, TV Personality, $170 million

It’s unsurprising to find a person from the Kardashian-Jenner family in the list, of course, and Kylie Jenner’s $170 million earnings is a testament to how far she’s come. Now a mom, Kylie still gets a lot of money. Over at Capital Xtra, a Global-owned radio station that began broadcasting in London, Swift might be on Forbes' top list of celebs but Kylie is the queen of Instagram. 

Each post she puts up for her 143 million followers on Instagram reportedly costs $1,266,000. This is despite the fact that most of her posts are about her own line of cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, another cash cow, and her partnership with Adidas, whose products she’s seen to wear all the time. 

Kanye West, 42, Musician, $150 million

He’s part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan right now and is still a prominent name in the hip-hop industry. West comes in at the third spot with earnings at $150 million, probably in large part thanks to his designer line of clothes and shoes. Combine that with his successful wife Kim Kardashian-West, whose every post on Instagram costs $910,000, they are a pretty wealthy couple. 


Lionel Messi, 32, Athlete, $127 million

Athletes are also celebrities in their own right. Messi, with his $127 million, is the third richest footballer in the world behind David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo at the top, both with $450 million. Overall and outside of the sports world, Messi takes the fourth spot. 

Ed Sheeran, 28, Musician, $110 million

Ed Sheeran has been making music since 2004 and was even so dedicated to the craft that he was actually friends with another English musician, Passenger, but his big break didn’t come until Jamie Foxx, also a musician himself, heard Ed Sheeran’s music and felt like he had potential. 

In a bizarre turn of events, Foxx even had him play for a crowd of about “800 black people,” he told finance and business website Business Insider. “It was just like a movie. I said, ‘Well, let’s see what the kid has,’” Foxx recounts, “and he went out there on that ukulele -- got a standing ovation in 12 minutes. And the rest was history.” The rest, indeed, is history, and a paycheck of $110 million. 


The aforementioned top-paying celebrities range from the field of the music industry, sports, and media. / Photo credit by Anton Ivanov via 123rf


Cristiano Ronaldo, 34, Athlete, $109 million

Of course, world-renowned Cristiano Ronaldo is also on the list, earning $109 million. His career in football has really served him well, not to mention his Instagram presence and earnings, which are also something to consider. According to Capital Xtra, for each post on the ‘gram, Ronaldo is being paid $975,000.

Neymar, 27, Athlete, $105 million

As the second most popular athlete on social media, Neymar not only attracts in cash but also attracts so many followers across the popular platforms. He was paid only $1.2 million back in 2016 for avoiding taxes between 2011 to 2013, but his earnings are now at $105 million. 

Business news website Forbes writes, “His transfer from Barcelona to PSG stands as the most expensive in the world at $263 million, which the French club paid in full ahead of his signing.”

The Eagles, Musicians, $100 million

So far, it’s been mostly individuals in this list. The Eagles has made it to the list as an American rock band with $100 million in earnings. They are famous for their hit “Hotel California." They have been recognized as the most successful music act in the '70s and appear to be as resonant now, if their inclusion in this list is something to go by. Other hit songs they have are “Take it Easy,” “Witch Woman,” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” 



Dr. Phil McGraw, 69, TV Personality, $95 million

Who could forget Dr. Phil? Even though it began in 2002, the show, created by McGraw along with another very successful TV personality and host, Oprah Winfrey, is aired on TV to this day. 

Canelo Alvarez, 29, Athlete, $94 million

With $94 million under his belt, Alvarez is one half of a boxing match, the Canelo-GGG fights, which reportedly “were the first US boxing matches not involving Mayweather or Pacquiao to register more than one million buys since 2002.”