World's Best Airport Allows Travelers to Slide to their Boarding Gate
Thu, April 22, 2021

World's Best Airport Allows Travelers to Slide to their Boarding Gate


If you're a frequent traveler, you may find airports utterly boring with their overpriced food and delayed flights. But Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport may prove to be an exception to this mundane gloom—especially with a facility that allows adult travelers to slide into their childhood.

Dubbed as the world's best airport, Changi boasts of stunning architecture as well as a wide variety of shops and food shops. However, what makes the airport stand out is a slide leading straight to your terminal.

Yusuf El Askary found the slide at the airport's Terminal Four after looking around. British internet and media company UNILAD reports El Askary letting out "screams of excitement and joy at a high speed" as he barreled down the tube. He landed in front of Changi's famous "red chandelier," which is actually a playground with climbing nets and sliding points, which can take 50 people at a time.


Photo Credit: Caters via UNILAD


"I had never seen anything like it at an airport, I couldn’t believe it was true until I actually tried it," said El Askary.

What's more, this isn't the only slide in the airport. Changi also has "the world’s tallest slide within an airport" installed in Terminal Three—standing at a height of around 12 meters (four stories) from Level One to Basement Three.

Aside from the slides, Changi is also known for its 40-meter-tall HSBC Rain Vortex sitting right in the middle of the 135,700-square-meter airport. CNN says the airport's 280 retail and food stalls, as well as the dramatic green spaces, make Changi look less of an airport and more of a shopping mall.


Photo Credit: Derek Teo via ShutterStock


The Singapore airport has been named the best in the world for seven years in a row, according to airline and airport review and ranking site Skytrax.



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