Mom Shares Horrifying Effects Of Drug Addiction
Wed, April 21, 2021

Mom Shares Horrifying Effects Of Drug Addiction


As kids, we are taught by our parents to stay away from harmful substances like drugs. But, as children grow into adults, they have the freedom to choose which path they will take. A social media post by a mother went viral after she showed how drugs changed her son’s life, and not in a good way. 

UNILAD UK, a media company that provides "social news" and entertainment, shared on their website that the social media post was created by Jennifer Salfen-Tracy, who hadn’t heard anything from her son for a long time. In her Facebook post, she shared pictures of her son before and after he became addicted to heroin and meth. 

Jennifer’s son is named Cody Bishop. He is said to be homeless and hadn’t been in touch with her in weeks. The mother was hesitant at first about sharing this intimate detail about her son’s life, but since many people were becoming concerned about her family, she felt like she had to speak up about it.


Photo Credit: Jennifer Salfen-Tracy/Facebook


The Facebook post contained two pictures of Cody. The first showed Cody in a healthy condition, as he smiled next to a Christmas tree. In the other photo, the changes are shockingly obvious. The young lad looked like he was drained out of all life, and his skin was covered in bumps. He also lost a lot of weight due to his condition. 


Photo Credit: Jennifer Salfen-Tracy/Facebook


After not hearing from her son in a long while, Jennifer felt like she had to post these photos in order to spread awareness on how drugs can destroy lives. The mother also said that it is hard for her to hear about how much her son is struggling, "but not hearing at all is worse."

Her Facebook post garnered more than 44,000 shares and hundreds of comments offering prayers and sympathies for the worried mother.



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