Timothy Treadwell: A Man Ripped By a Grizzly Bear After Devoting His Life to Them
Sat, April 10, 2021

Timothy Treadwell: A Man Ripped By a Grizzly Bear After Devoting His Life to Them


On October 5, 2003, Timothy Treadwell, a known bear enthusiast, and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were found dead, torn apart by a bear in Katmai National Park in Alaska. Their remains were discovered by their air taxi pilot who followed them to pick them up. At first, the pilot thought that the camp was abandoned, until he saw the bear stalking the area as if he was guarding his prey. He immediately alerted park rangers who arrived and searched the area. 


Photo Credit: Johan Hasselbeg via Pinterest


The park rangers discovered the couple’s remains. Some of the body parts of Treadwell were found away from him, like his head, part of his spine, and his hand. Meanwhile, Huguenard’s remains were found partially buried under a mound of twigs and dirt next to the torn tents. Unfortunately, the park rangers killed the bear since it tried to attack them. After the autopsy, they found human body parts in its abdomen. This confirmed the rangers' fears: Treadwell and his girlfriend had been eaten by his beloved bears. 


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According to All That’s Interesting, a site for curious people who want to know more about what they see on the news or read in history books, Treadwell was passionate about environmentalism and documentary filmmaking. He was particularly interested in the grizzly bears of Katmai National Park. Most of the time, Treadwell would go to an area full of intersecting grizzly trails called “Grizzly Maze.” 


Photo Credit: All That's Interesting


Unfortunately, the Grizzly Maze was also the same place his life would end. He had been getting increasingly reckless, claiming that he felt far more comfortable in nature with the bears than he ever did with humans. During this time, the bears are more aggressive than usual since it’s their hibernating season. But Treadwell insisted that he stay.

A video camera was recovered with a six-minute tape that recorded the sound of their screams as a bear ripped them apart.



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