Tablet Captures Photos of "Ghost Children" In Abandoned School
Thu, February 2, 2023

Tablet Captures Photos of "Ghost Children" In Abandoned School


Two paranormal investigators, Graham and Tara, went into a rotting and abandoned schoolhouse and took home shots of “ghost children in action,” according to Paige Freshwater of British national newspaper Mirror. The “ghostbusters” ventured inside the Education Offices and Art College in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, where they took two “supernatural” shots. 

The first photograph was taken by Graham. Graham’s photo depicted “three or four children” hiding behind a wall, while another was walking towards the pair. He says, “This photo, the photograph of the three or four children, was my first paranormal picture. It was only taken on a Samsung tablet on night camera mode. It was taken in the old Art College on Eleanor Street.” 


Photo Credit: Mirror


Graham states “it all started as a laugh,” failing to notice anything bizarre until he looked at the images the next morning. “We took pictures with the lights on and lights off. We were just messing around and I was taking a load of pictures. I woke up the next morning and had a look at what I had taken," he adds. Graham has been into the paranormal since he was a child. He’s not scared of the paranormal. Rather, he thrives on it. 


Photo Credit: Mirror


When zoomed in, a person can see the facial features of the first boy. “He’s sitting down, besides three or four others, crossed legged and with his right arm to his right knee,” Graham describes. He explains that one can see “more on the boy standing up,” as his facial features are clearer. The ghostly apparition of the boy was taken near the old swimming pool, as stated by Graham. 

The second photo, shot by Tara, featured a “figure” in “full spectrum” near the swimming pool area. Graham comments, “My partner took this image, which is in full spectrum, in the same location. It was taken further away and is harder to make out.”




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