Cyclist Shares Photo Of His Post-Match Leg Muscles
Mon, April 19, 2021

Cyclist Shares Photo Of His Post-Match Leg Muscles


Former world cycling champion Janez Brajkovic posted a shocking image after his 10-month doping ban ended. According to an article by 9gag, a Hong Kong-based online platform and social media website, he was making a comeback after he was suspended in July 2018 after his test results came back positive for methylhexaneamine. 

He claimed that it was found in a contaminated food supplement which was the only thing he could consume due to his eating disorder. Before his 10-month ban, Janez was the world's under-23 time trial champion way back in 2004. “I took a meal replacement, it was contaminated but that was the only thing I could keep inside, it happened to me that there were no days I would not cry before embarking on a ride. I was desperate and depressed,” the Slovenian cyclist said.

He posted shots of his leg muscles after winning a competition in the CRO Race in Croatia. Janez finished 38th while Adam Yates bagged the championship.


Photo Credits: Instagram/Janez Brajkovic (via Lad Bible)


The photos that the cyclist posted might be a disturbing sight for non-cyclists, but sports doctor Natasa Desnica says that the strange appearance of the leg muscle is pretty normal among cyclists. “Their legs were incredibly tiny, with no subcutaneous fat, and they were even dehydrated, so every bone could be seen as well as a vein, and you could see every single muscle like on an anatomical atlas.”


Photo Credit: Shutterstock


Lad Bible, a social media and entertainment social publisher based in London and Manchester, United Kingdom, reported on how Janez discussed his "poor relationship with food." Attached to his post with his photo was an explanation of his "actions, reactions, and above anything why I'm so determined to race again.’"

He added that meal replacement was the only thing that he could keep in his stomach. While he was suspended from riding, there wasn’t a day he wouldn’t cry before going out for a ride. He felt desperate and everything became dark to him. His suspension took away the thing that he loved, Brajkovic said.