7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking
Mon, October 25, 2021

7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking


In a stressful environment, one might rely on things that will distract a person from the things that are making them anxious. One good example is smoking. But, as it has long been proven, a distraction is not the answer to the problem, and using harmful substances such as cigarettes might just make things worse. 

Smokers commonly use this excuse to repel their family and friends as they plead for them to quit their bad habit. A lot of these smokers are aware that smoking can cause negative effects on their bodies but these health risks might not be enough for them to consider quitting, and this is especially true for young people. If you’re one of those who need to be convinced of why they must quit their habit, here are just seven reasons to do so.


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Makes You Smelly

For non-smokers, there is nothing more annoying that smelling cigarette smoke around. This is why there are only specific areas in public places where people are allowed to smoke so that they will not disturb others. WebMD, a website that provides valuable health information, shared that the smell of cigarettes might stay on the smoker’s clothes and hair as well. 

Steve Schroeder, MD, director of the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center at the University of California at San Francisco, added that there are those who claim that when they kiss a smoker, it like licking an ashtray. 



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Alters Sense of Smell and Taste

Aside from smelling like a used ashtray, smokers might experience dulling of their senses of smell and taste when they smoke regularly. This means they should say goodbye to the taste of their favorite meals if they smoke before they eat. It is explained by Andrew Spielman, DMD, PhD., that the loss of smell is the reason why smokers might lose their appreciation for food. 

Meanwhile, Pavlidis Pavlos, lead researcher from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, explained that the nicotine found in cigarettes might cause alterations in the shape of taste buds. This can also have an effect on the vascularization or the formation of blood vessels. 



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Makes You Look Older

If you choose to continue smoking, you should double up your skincare routine. Regular smoking can cause a dramatic change in your skin as it will make your face look older. It can result in drastic skin changes such as getting a leathery look and wrinkling, which is quite a normal occurrence among smokers.

Based on the American Academy of Dermatology study, smoking is linked to biochemical changes in the body that helps in speeding the aging process. The habit of smoking takes away the oxygen needed by the living skin tissue, and this causes constriction of the blood vessels. If this happens, healthy blood flow will not happen easily. 



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Brings Social Pressure

Since not all people are fond of having smokers around, this causes the one who smokes to feel marginalized and cast away. Joyce Wilde, a small business owner and former smoker claimed that smoking made her hide somewhere away from other people so that no one would see her. The experience messed up her self-confidence and made her feel embarrassed and weak both physically and emotionally. 

However, note that separating smokers from non-smokers is important because it protects the latter from the effects of secondhand smoke, which carries harmful chemicals like carcinogens. 



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Disrupts Dating Life

It might be hard to find someone who is willing to be with a person who smells like a dirty ashtray. The dating scene is also not that forthcoming to people who smoke because of the harmful effects of secondhand smoking. This bad habit can also be the reason why your date might finish earlier than you thought it should be. 

One of the effects of smoking in men is impotence. Smoking negatively affects the blood vessels that cause the erection. Scientific literature has been using the message of impotence to drive away teenage boys and adult men alike from cigarettes.



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Increases Infections

Regular smoking can leave a person vulnerable to seasonal flu and colds. Cigarette smoke paralyzes the cilia, which are responsible for grabbing bacteria and viruses that get into the trachea and push them up and out. If this happens, harmful substances might destroy the body’s core protective mechanisms, which can cause smokers to have more infections. 

But if you quit, the protective role of cilia will be back again after a month of staying away from a cigarette.



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Harms Other People

According to WebMD, secondhand smoke is responsible for 50,000 deaths every year. The puffs of smoke contain 4,500 harmful chemicals that might cause illness to nonsmokers. This is why it is best for smokers to stay a safe distance away from children and people who have a weak immune system.