Restaurant Challenges Diners to Finish World's Biggest Plate of Nachos
Wed, April 21, 2021

Restaurant Challenges Diners to Finish World's Biggest Plate of Nachos


One of the most popular restaurant gimmicks is challenging diners to eat a certain amount of food within a limited time. The prize often comes in the form of a full stomach from a free meal and bragging rights (and probably a picture on their wall of fame).

This restaurant in Northampton is jumping in on this gimmick and giving diners the chance to eat the world's biggest plate of nachos free of charge—only if they can do so in less than an hour.

British Internet media company and website UNILAD reports that challengers will have to clear up one kilogram of tortilla chips topped with three kilograms of beef, one kilogram of cheddar cheese, and 500 grams of sour cream, salsa, and guacamole served in a super-size bowl. Not only will the finishers save £40, but they will also get a free dessert.


A large plate of nachos / Photo Credit: MaraZe via ShutterStock


However, no challenger has successfully finished the monstrous meal within the given time frame—which UNILAD says could be due to the 15,434 calories present in the feast.

22-year-old Lily Cuthberton from Northampton took on the challenge but failed as she couldn't even get through a quarter of the entire meal. She said she would never try again after learning how many calories the dish contained.

Despite her shock at how massive the meal is, Cuthberton still "gave it a go" because of her love for nachos. But 35 minutes into the challenge and the 22-year-old had to stop "because I was stuffed, my stomach couldn’t handle anymore, and the dish of nachos were never-ending."


22-year-old Lily Cuthberton / Photo Credit: Caters News via UNILAD


In preparation for the challenge, Cuthberton said she stuffed her face with 10 crackers topped with cheese "in a bid to stretch [her] stomach." The technique "clearly didn't work as I barely made a dent in the nachos."

Even with her love for nachos, the 22-year-old said she doesn't think she would be able to eat another serving after the challenge.