Worst Storm in Japanese History Hits Okishima, an Island Inhabited Only by Cats
Mon, August 15, 2022

Worst Storm in Japanese History Hits Okishima, an Island Inhabited Only by Cats


Japan suffers about 20 typhoons a year. But since the country is among the most prepared places on the planet due to modernization, it has easily overcome those. However, Typhoon Hagibis is the worst storm that has hit Tokyo and the entire country in decades. Forbes, a global media company focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle, reported that at least 28 people have died, 18 more are missing, and 177 have been injured by the storm and its aftermath. 


Flooded street in a community in Japan that was hit by Supertyphoon Hagibis / Photo Credit: Forbes


The typhoon, which made landfall last Saturday, triggered floods and landslides with wind speeds of 225km/h (140mph). Almost half a million homes were left without power, many bullet train services were halted, and several lines in Japan’s capital city were suspended. Aside from that, it has been reported that more than 1m (3ft) of rain fell during the weekends in the town of Hakone near Mount Fuji, the highest total ever recorded in Japan over 48 hours.

In a press briefing, Yasushi Kajiwara, Japan's Meteorological Agency (JMA) forecaster, said, "Unprecedented heavy rain has been seen in cities, towns, and villages for which the emergency warning was issued.” 


A collapsed railway bridge / Photo Credit: Forbes


One of the areas that were affected the most by Typhoon Hagibis is the famous cat island in Okishima. The island has a large feline population that roams freely. They have happily welcomed many visitors to their home. Last Friday, a viral Facebook post by Thai page slavetomycat expressed its concern for the cats’ safety. The post stated that it hopes the cats’ instincts can help them in surviving and taking shelter when the storm hits. 


Cats and a tourist in Okishima, Japan / Photo Credit: Must Share News


According to Must Share News, an online site that aims to provide news to today’s social media generation, there aren't enough people on the island to ensure the cats’ safety because Okishima has more cats than people. As of now, there are still no reports as to what happened with the feline population, but everyone’s hoping that they are safe. 



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