Vegan Calls Police on Friends for Feeding Her Chicken Nuggets While Drunk
Sat, April 17, 2021

Vegan Calls Police on Friends for Feeding Her Chicken Nuggets While Drunk


Tricking your friend to eat chicken nuggets doesn't seem like a bad idea—unless that friend is a vegan and is more than willing to call the cops on you.

A 24-year-old vegan, who hasn't eaten meat since she was four years old, is looking to sue her friends after they tricked her into eating real chicken nuggets despite knowing her food preference. She posted her story on Reddit and said her now-former friends are facing charges of food tampering-related offenses after pulling their prank on her while she was drunk.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman went on a night out with her friends last week and drank until she got "white girl wasted." The Reddit user added that her friends thought getting her to eat non-vegan chicken nuggets would be a funny prank.

She even remembered asking her friends if the food was vegan before eating. Her friends assured her that it was and that they were Sunfed brand vegan chicken.


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"They tasted off to me but I figured it was just because I was drunk. I was wrong," the woman said. A day later, she received a message from her sister telling her to check her friend's Snapchat story. The story was a video of her friends showing the packaging of the chicken nuggets before they convinced her to eat them.

The Daily Mail reports the pranksters mocking the vegan by pretending to be her after finding out that she had eaten meat.

"[They were doing] things like fake crying and yelling 'the CHICKENS!!!'" wrote the self-described vegan, who took a screen recording of the video before reporting it to the police.


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"Now 3 of my (ex) friends are facing charges," she said on her Reddit post that has reached over 31,800 votes (both up and down) since it was posted three days ago.




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