The Current Slams Chris Brown In Viral Blurb
Thu, February 2, 2023

The Current Slams Chris Brown In Viral Blurb


Chris Brown got slammed on a September 25 issue of “Current” in a blurb that went viral on Twitter for saying what many people felt needed to be said too. 


In a report by the San Antonio Current, the blurb went viral for openly criticizing Chris Brown so casually on an ad of his own concert. The Twitter user, @Jordpord, shared the ad with the following content: 


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“Do you have a lot of money laying around that you want to part with? Are you oddly attracted to garbage people that sing barely passably but dance pretty well? Are you indifferent to the idea of supporting unrepentant abusers? If you answered yes to all of the above, then, by all means, go see Chris F*cking Brown.” 


They then listed ticket prices for the AT&T Center event, as well as urged people to rethink their support of the artist. Current explained that it wasn’t even the Rihanna harassment they were talking about anymore. Just at the start of 2019, Brown already found himself in the middle of yet more trouble after “he and two other men raped [a woman] at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris.” 


While others lauded and even approved of the blurb, others called it out because they had “no business mentioning his personal life.” 


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Current consulted with assistant professor of communication at Trinity University, Sarah Erickson, over what made these people defend Chris Brown. Erickson said it could be connected to the fact that in San Antonio and the US in general, domestic violence and abuse have always been somewhat normalized. 

Because we feel a certain connection to the kind of content we consume--Erickson even likened this to the way we feel about real-life relationships--we tend to justify and rationalize our way of thinking, often torn between continuing our support for a certain artist or completely discarding them for the things they’ve done.

Erickson says that the first thing we need to do as a culture is to understand that abuse exists and that there are never any circumstances in which it is acceptable. 




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