Hoarder Gets Trapped In Hallway for 30 Years Until House Clearing Firm Rescues Her
Thu, February 2, 2023

Hoarder Gets Trapped In Hallway for 30 Years Until House Clearing Firm Rescues Her


A frail pensioner was trapped for three decades in the hallway after an elderly relative, who was a hoarder, amassed a mountain of junk to the point they had to sleep in deckchairs by the front door, reports Gregory Kirby of British newspaper Mirror. After the homeowner died in 2017, house clearing company Klutter King heard about the woman’s plight and offered to clean the house for free, which took seven days.


Photo Credit: Klutter King/SWNS.com (via Mirror)


Owner Kevin Porter states, “The poor tenant began lodging with the relative in the early 1990s. The relative's compulsive hoarding got worse when her partner died.” Klutter King found rotting food cans, books, clothes, shoes, and umbrellas all over the house. The pensioner was too frail to get rid of the waste by the time the relative passed away. “I've cleared a lot of houses since forming the company. In most cases it's when someone has died or moved into a care home. But this one got me emotionally because of how this person had been made to live,” Porter explains. 

The woman and her relative slept in the garage in the summertime, as it was too hot and they did not have a bed. Porter comments that it was satisfying to finish the job because he thought it was not going to end. The tenant asked Klutter King to find a £2,000 ($2,492) piece of jewelry that had been lost in the pile of waste. 


Photo Credit: Klutter King/SWNS.com (via Mirror)


The firm managed to uncover the jewelry and return it to the owner. Most clearance firms profit from selling expensive items, however, Porter says, “We don't do that. I haven't got it in me.” Porter did not earn money from cleaning the woman’s house, but it was the company’s way of giving the pensioner “a few years of decent living.” 




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