Woman Left Horrified When Her Dog's Nose Fell Off— Then She Realizes Her Mistake
Thu, September 29, 2022

Woman Left Horrified When Her Dog's Nose Fell Off— Then She Realizes Her Mistake


Jade was looking after her mom’s French bulldog Lenny when she started to worry about the animal after realizing a strange object on the floor, reports Courtney Pochin of British newspaper Mirror. Apparently, Jade noticed a peculiar object on the floor while playing with Lenny. She took Lenny out of the room to scrutinize the object. Upon closer inspection, she saw the pooch’s nose— or so she initially thought. 

Jade shared her ordeal on Facebook, which went viral, amassing 144,000 likes and 68,000 shares. The post reads, “So I’m sitting there playing with Lenny as you do..until something on the floor caught my attention. I had no idea what it was, so I picked him up and put him outside to assess the situation further.”



Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media (via Mirror)


At first, Jade could not believe that Lenny’s nose was on the floor. She continued, “I started freaking out thinking he’s never going to sniff piss again on his walks and I know he loves doing that, I was thinking he must be in pain, I was also thinking how on earth am I going to tell my mum that whilst in my care - the dog’s nose has managed to fall off.” 



Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media (via Mirror)


Panic-stricken, she was convinced that the French bulldog’s nose came off. Even so, Jade mustered enough courage to pick it up. Then, she realized that the nose was bitten off from one of Lenny’s soft toys. Lenny’s nose remained intact all along, much to the relief of Jade. She reassured everyone that the dog’s nose is “in full working order and completely attached to his face.” She needed “a beer or 10 after that moment of panic,” Jade added.  

A user commented that they “would’ve flipped all the way out,” while another wrote, “I was in shock for a second.” One person noted that Jade’s story totally made their day. 




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