Flyer Than You: Meet This SA Boss Baby 
Thu, February 2, 2023

Flyer Than You: Meet This SA Boss Baby 


Anthony Valentino Torralva’s got the swag--and he’s just two years old! 

According to a report by My San Antonio, a website offering news in San Antonio events, restaurants, and real estate updates, Anthony’s adorably “fly” photos went vral on Twitter after Jessica Leal, Anthony’s aunt, posted his photos. 

Since its posting, the pictures have been liked 35,000 times, already had 4,000 comments, and been retweeted about 20,000 times. She’d already posted a photo of her nephew before and after realizing that people liked it, she shared another one, which also went viral. 


Photo Credit: Shutterstock


Many people were supportive of the cute little guy. Some people said that the child appeared to have “more swagger and confidence” than them. Others were quick to point out that the child also seemed to be easily photographed for a 2-year-old. Anthony’s mother, Yuridia Leal, addressed this too, saying: 

"A lot of people were freaking out when he took the pictures by the pool because not many 1-year-olds can stay still by the pool and be still. He just has a really cool personality and I think he knows it too."

He’s already been adorably called the “boss baby” and for good reason. In one of the pictures, he is seen wearing a gold chain necklace and sitting relaxedly on some pool steps, the warm glow of the sun around him. He even has an equally fly haircut to match and some shades to complete the ensemble. 


Photo Credit: Shutterstock 


In the photos, Anthony holds a jar of milk instead of liquor. In another picture, he happily sunbathes under what looks like a Japanese oil paper umbrella, showing all his poolside swagger.

His aunt also showed a picture of him in casual wear, where he is wearing a trendy sweater and what appear to be Balenciaga shoes.



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