Going Viral: The Dark Side of This Entrypoint to Stardom
Fri, December 9, 2022

Going Viral: The Dark Side of This Entrypoint to Stardom


Most young people would understand what you mean if you suddenly sing, "I got the horses in the back.” This is part of a song by Lil Nas X, who just overlaid his voice on a beat he got from YoungKio of the Netherlands.

What Lil Nas is able to do with limited resources and conscious self-promotion just tells us that music can come from different places these days, but it’s not the only song to have done this.


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Pitchfork, a music website, invites you to look at Kathryn Beckwith aka Kitty Pryde’s unusual and very tense rise to stardom. The report reads: 

“In 2011, when she was 18, she recorded and shared with the internet an EP called The Lizzie McGuire Experience under the name Kitty Pryde. She was living in Daytona Beach, Florida, working at Claire’s, and studying public relations in college. Before she knew it, in the spring of 2012, “Okay Cupid,” her talk-rap song whose corresponding video featured a decidedly teen-girl aesthetic, started racking up plays.”

When it did, many who got a hold of it on YouTube talked about how repulsive it was that a white girl was getting noticed for their rapping. She received all of this criticism in spite of the fact that Kitty only posted the video online in the same manner the rest of us would: nonchalantly. 

Kitty has since grown from being an internet meme but quickly realized that starting off as a meme has a dark side, too. She recalls one instance where she opened for a fellow artist and she was verbally and physically attacked. 


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Though Kitty has also been controversial in the past, she is right to make the main takeaway that “when things go viral, the context is completely lost.” From her observations, what she’s able to conclude is that when a singer starts off in a famous meme, people then only start clamoring for “you to make the thing that they liked again.” 




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