Old Wedding Photos Reveal A Gay Couple’s Marriage from 1957
Wed, April 21, 2021

Old Wedding Photos Reveal A Gay Couple’s Marriage from 1957


In the past, same-sex and LGBTQ+ couples had to find creative ways to stay together. If they did end up getting married, they would do it in secret, just like one couple did in 1957. 

According to LGBTQ+ news website LGBTQ Nation, the gay couple in the pictures have yet to be identified. Their picture was only found in an attic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The couple reportedly dropped off their photos to be developed in a photomat in Philly, but “the store owner had a policy of withholding photos he deemed ‘inappropriate.’” 

Seeing as how the person who discovered the pictures--a daughter of a former employee in perhaps the same photomat--found them in such a place as the attic, it’s possible that these are just some of the images that were withheld.


Photo Credit: Ouronestory.com (via LGBTQ Nation)


ThePhiladelphiaCitizen.org, a non-profit media organization in Philly, reported that it was still filled with “joyful celebration, of dancing and laughter.” 

The report posits that it’s possible the married couple worked “in professions where homosexuality was more acceptable, like hair stylists and artists.” There was even a photograph of a man in drag, which suggests that these communities were extremely inner circle because “drag only happens in community and is done with other people who also do drag.”


Photo Credit: Ouronestory.com (via LGBTQ Nation)


The photos appear to be “taken in what appears to be a private apartment with the blinds and curtains drawn, out of the public eye, perhaps for fear of discrimination and violence.”

The documentary series “Our One Story,” which looks into the past stories of the members of the community in the archives of the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives in Los Angeles, California, shows the pictures online to see if they can get a lead on where these men might be. 

From the photos, it is estimated that either one or both of them were probably around their 20s or 30s, which means they will already be in their 80s if they are still alive today. 



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