Teen Catches Own Jaw After it Was Ripped Off in a Horse-Riding Accident
Thu, September 29, 2022

Teen Catches Own Jaw After it Was Ripped Off in a Horse-Riding Accident


Emily Eccles, 15, was left holding her jawbone in her hands with only 1cm of skin left to keep the rest of her head intact while she was horse-riding.

According to a report published by Metro UK, the horse was frightened by a car's exhaust and galloped into the country path. The teenager riding the horse was thrown into a wooden gatepost, causing her to have one of the worst facial injuries that doctors have ever encountered outside a war zone. “I just looked down and I could see teeth and bone and I said, ‘Is that my jaw?’”


Photo Credit: PA via Metro UK


Eccles recalls catching something red that appeared in front of her face the moment she fell from the horse. While she was holding the bottom part of her face, the ambulance rushed her to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Consultant facial reconstructive surgeon Ricardo Mohammed-Ali said he rebuilt the teen’s face in five and a half hours. During the long operation, the doctor pieced together the teenager’s face with over 160 stitches and with three titanium plates.  He was able to save all but one of the patient’s teeth. 

Eccles, who is studying at Wales High School, said she did not look at a mirror first but accidentally saw it when she opened her selfie camera. “It was quite horrific,” she said, as it looked like something other people would see in a film. Even her friends thought her face injuries made her appear like a “zombie.” 


Photo Credit: PA via Metro UK


two months after her operation, her scars have gradually faded. She also expressed her interest in starting to ride horses again but said she has to convince her parents first. Mohammed-Ali commented that in a year’s time, it would be difficult to tell that Eccles ever had an accident because her scars will do much healing within that time.



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