7 Ways To Combat Workplace Stress
Wed, April 21, 2021

7 Ways To Combat Workplace Stress


Students thought that after college, getting stressed will stop. But, surprise surprise! It’s a whole new level of stress awaiting them in the professional world. The only difference is they get paid while they deal with all the stress in the workplace, and that is even if they do love their job. Stress can simply come from things big and small.

Workplace stress can be caused by the boss, an annoying officemate, or the daily commute. Once you identify what stresses you out, it is advisable to address it immediately because it can have significant health consequences that might lead to heart disease and metabolic syndrome. 

Here are seven simple ways to deal with stress at work, according to Verywell Mind, an online resource for mental health articles. 


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1. Start your day with a positive attitude

Weekday mornings always push everyone to be in a rush. It might be hard to keep a positive outlook if there’s a road rage boiling up inside you, but remember that starting your day with a good feeling can make you feel better at the workplace more easily. So, grab your favorite coffee and have a breakfast muffin to start your morning right. 


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2. Be clear on your job requirement

Workplace burnout can happen if one is not aware of what their job entails. There might be a case where an employee is unaware of their job requirements or these change with little notice. This can make someone get trapped in a sinkhole of paperwork where you never know if what you’re doing is enough. This can be solved by talking to your supervisor and go over their expectations. It will also be helpful if you talk about the proper strategies that both of you can do to finish your requirements for the day. 


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3. Stay away from office conflict

Let’s be honest, office drama is fun to watch. But if you’re the one involved, the conflict can bring a lot of stress on you. Verywell Mind noted that interpersonal conflict can take a toll on a person’s physical and emotional well-being. It is also not a good idea to spark a conflict just to ease your boredom or mess with anyone because it is something that you will find difficult to escape from. So avoid gossiping about personal issues and reduce sharing personal opinions. Also, stay away from people who are known to cause trouble.


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4. Be organized

Being organized can be done in a lot of ways. Start by maintaining a schedule of things that you have to finish so that you will not have to deal with the backlog the next day. It can also be as simple as clearing the clutter on your desk. 


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5. Drop the multitasking

We all want to perform fast and efficient so that we can impress our boss. But, we are still humans who have limitations. Multitasking was once praised because it was believed that it can maximize one’s time in a day. But people started to realize that this jeopardized the efficiency and accuracy of the job. 

Multitasking can also leave someone feeling disoriented. Splitting your attention over different tasks can overwork your brain and cause workplace burnout.


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6. Take a walk

Use your lunch and snack breaks wisely. Many employees choose to have their lunch in front of their computers because they want to return to their assignments immediately. But this can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that can cause health issues. This can be prevented by taking time to walk around during your lunch break to blow off steam, lift your mood, and stretch your body for a little while. 


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7. Listen or watch your favorite media content

If it happens that your commute time takes a while, you can pass the time by binge-watching your favorite series or movie. Listening to music while you rest your eyes can also reduce stress. If your office permits you to listen to some music quietly, you can also do this to minimize stress as you finish your tasks.