Actor Breaks Unofficial World Record For Longest Time Without Blinking
Thu, February 2, 2023

Actor Breaks Unofficial World Record For Longest Time Without Blinking


If you've ever participated in a staring contest, then you know how painful it is to not blink. Stopping yourself from blinking causes the eyes to sting while they start to get both dry and watery at the same time.

Those who win in staring contests are the select few that can go on for a long while without blinking. A few others can go on for longer, including Filipino actor Paolo Ballesteros. Ballesteros was able to set an unofficial record for not blinking.

The actor managed to go for over a full hour of not blinking—and it was gloriously recorded on live Philippine television last weekend. During a segment in the noontime show "Eat Bulaga!," Ballesteros beat his co-host Pauleen Luna not just by a few measly minutes but by half an hour.


Photo Credit: Eat Bulaga! via UNILAD


According to UNILAD, a British Internet media company, Luna was able to hold her gaze for a tear-jerking 30 minutes and 44 seconds. Impressive, but not as impressive as Ballesteros, who kept his eyes open for one hour, 17 minutes, and three seconds.

His eyes began to water and tears were streaming down his face as the actor tried to keep them open throughout the segment. UNILAD said Ballesteros' perseverance eventually paid off as he was able to set a new, albeit unofficial, world record.

There isn't an official record for the longest time without blinking in the Guinness World Records, but RecordSetter said a man named Julio J. held the title with his record of one hour, five minutes, and 11 seconds.


Photo Credit: @EatBulaga on Twitter (via Unilad UK)


Viewers took to Twitter, along with the show's official Twitter account, to congratulate Ballesteros for his achievement

Blinking is a voluntary reflex that helps the eyes keep moist and clear of dust. If not for this protection, the eyes would be vulnerable to infection and damage, which could have immediate and lasting effects.




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