Girl Bullied for Her "Individual Style" Becomes An Award-Winning Stylist
Wed, April 21, 2021

Girl Bullied for Her "Individual Style" Becomes An Award-Winning Stylist


Susie Hasler, 36, was an awkward schoolgirl and always wanted to have her own style, but she ended up being bullied by boys and girls for standing out, report Carol Driver and Jane Lavender of British newspaper Mirror. Susie recounts, “Even at primary school, I loved to look different from the other girls and I always experimented with hair accessories. At secondary school, the Spice Girls came along, and it gave me that push to explore my individual style - to me, they said it was OK to look different from others.” 

Susie was picked on by the boys for wearing braces, while the girls poked fun of her thick, wavy hair. She failed math and science and got Cs in other subjects. Susie landed an admin career at age 18, where she spent the next 12 years “hating” her job. Sadly, she was mocked for her sense of style. 


Photo Credit: Susie Hasler (via Mirror)


While Susie doesn’t see herself as “academically gifted,” she was afraid she would not be successful as a businesswoman, but she took a leap of faith and left her job. By 2011, she managed to rake in the £1,500 ($1,834) she needed to obtain a diploma in personal styling at the Styling Coaching Institute. 

Susie launched her own website Styled By Susie. She explains, “I used to work for free to help build up my client base. I would work Friday evenings doing group styling, until 1am, and would be in Bluewater on a Saturday morning at 9am the next day.” Word spread and Susie now works four days a week “during term-time” and loves spending time with her kids Clark and Tom during the school holidays. The mother of two also won a Best Stylist Award. 


Photo Credit: Susie Hasler (via Mirror)


She adds, “I empower women to dress for their shapes as they are and to shine to their full potential.” 




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